What do we use for surfing?

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Usually the Longboard (8-10ft) is ideal for using the first time surfing. The bigger the board the easier to use.


This strap, rope/ equipment is used to keep your surfboard around and near you whenever you are separated from it e.g. Wipeout, if you surf without leash you will be required to swim to the beach every time you fall off your board which is exhausting. Also it is dangerous to lose a surfboard – it could hit other surfers while moving to the beach with a wave and no control. Sometimes the board can be damaged by rocks if separated from surfer.


There are used to give the surfboard stability and control. Some boards use 1;2;3 even 4 fins on one board. Most fins are sharp so be careful how you handle them on land also in the water – avoid body contact with fins. Their job is in the water endure your board.


Wax is applied on the top deck of your surfboard for grip eliminating the slippery feel for your feet while standing and surfing.


The sun is pretty harsh so zink is suncream that protects your skin from the harsh sun. Apply on face, arms, body, legs except for the eyes please. Usually apply the suncream when you wake up in the morning so that when we arrive at beach you are ready to go surf!


Lycra is the material used to cover your upper body while surfing, to keep you protected from direct sunlight, small sea creatures in the water.

Board shorts

It is the pants designed for surfing, make sure they are your correct size because the wave can remove it off your body if not tight enough.


This is the thick rubber material to help maintain warmth and temperature when surfing cold waters. It comes in all different thicknesses depending on the temperature of the water.

Article 1